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THE NUMBER 1 address validation API FOR FOR WEBSHOPS

simple input

Use the autocomplete function to speed up address entry for your customers.

reduce costs

Reduce costs by avoiding failed deliveries and reaching the customer with every first delivery.

Always up to date

Work with addresdata that are 100% up to date.

Online shopping made easy with the international Postcode API

Wrong, undeliverable or outdated addresses are not uncommon in e-commerce. Our API solves this problem. Addresses are suggested correctly when your client enter it in checkout page, the address fields are automatically completed. Go for data quality in your web shop, CRM or office system.

from only
€ 0.025
per address validation

First 500 address validations free of charge

Simple pricing structure
Cancel anytime
Risk-free trial
Quantity discount

API price

Prices per level include validations. For the level amount, you can perform a combination of validations. Prices and quantities are per year. After creating an account, it is possible to test the APIs for free and without any obligation.

Tier 1

  • The international address API

  • France, Belgium,
  • Luxembourg, Switzerland,
  • Austria, Netherlands
  • (€ 0.03 each)
  • Germany
  • (€ 0.04 each)
  • Dutch postcode API

  • (€ 0.004 each)

Tier 2

  • The international address API

  • France, Belgium,
  • Luxembourg, Switzerland,
  • Austria, Netherlands
  • (€ 0.185 each)
  • Germany
  • (€ 0,0328 each)

  • (€ 0.00246 each)
The most chosen

Tier 3

  • The international address API

  • France, Belgium,
  • Luxembourg, Switzerland,
  • Austria, Netherlands
  • (€ 0,0141 each)
  • Germany
  • (€ 0.03 each)
  • Dutch postcode API

  • (€ 0.001875 each)

Tier 4

  • The international address API

  • France, Belgium,
  • Luxembourg, Switzerland,
  • Austria, Netherlands
  • (€ 0,0113 each)
  • Germany
  • (€ 0,0273 each)
  • Dutch postcode API

  • (€ 0.0015 each)

Tier 5

  • The international address API

  • France, Belgium,
  • Luxembourg, Switzerland,
  • Austria, Netherlands
  • (€ 0.0094 each)
  • Germany
  • (€ 0.025 each)
  • Dutch postcode API

  • (€ 0,00,125 each)
  • A validation consists of one or more related requests, which were used to validate an address.
  • Subscriptions are automatically upgraded when the maximum level is reached.
  • If the highest level is exceeded, invoices will be sent in increments of 10% and the rates for that level will be applied.
  • The number of requests is based on cases where a request for that country only is made.
  • Price per year, excluding VAT


Get started with the easy-to-use API. We have ready-to-use plugins for Shopware, Magento, WooCommerce etc., as well as modules for PHP, Perl, Python etc.

Frequently asked questions about the API

You can find our plugins for Shopware, Magento and WooCommerce here .

Why do I have to pay extra for some plugins?

Free plugins are usually offered without support. You are completely free to adapt the plugins yourself. The paid versions are offered by third parties and always include support.   

Is your plugin not listed?

Don’t worry, the API can also use the technical documentation to get integrated

As soon as you register a new account with us, your test phase begins. This phase does not have a maximum runtime, but a maximum of 500 address validations that you can carry out for testing. Contact us if you need more address validations for your test phase.

After the test phase, you can choose the subscription you want and start using the API.

In practice it can happen that the number of address inquiries does not exactly match the number of orders in a web shop. This can have various reasons, depending on the plugin used or your own implementation.

The most common reasons are:

  • Often the same addresses are requested repeatedly, e.g. B. because a user enters the same address several times or because the address is checked again in several places in the webshop software. This means that 1 order can generate many inquiries. By temporarily saving a validated address (e.g. for up to 1 week), you prevent the same address from being called up unnecessarily via our service.
  • If too many different addresses are selected during a single validation session
  • When the validation session has expired (it takes the user too long to complete the address)
  • Queries with invalid postcodes or house numbers: These queries never result in an address. Before requesting this, check that the zip code is complete and in the correct format and that the house number starts with numbers. Also, make sure that an address is not verified until a user has finished entering it.

First of all, don’t worry, the API won’t turn off if you exceed your limit. It is important to us that the API always works so that your customers can continue to order and you are not interrupted in your processes.

Notifications about the status of your subscription will be sent by email to keep you informed of your usage. This happens at 50%, 80% and 100% of your limit.

At 100%, the subscription is automatically updated to a correct and consistent level. The system looks at the consumption in the previous period in the current subscription period and a forecast is made of the expected number of queries for the remainder of the subscription period.

To get a good estimate of the forecast, the tier will not be upgraded in the first month of your subscription period.

Request credentials

I lost my login information. How can I request this again?

When you log into the Management Environment with your administrator account, the menu on the left shows: Credentials.

If you click on it, you will see the key. The secret was only sent via email at this point and cannot be requested. On the same page, in the upper right corner, there is a button for creating a new key and secret. These are then automatically sent by email.

Change billing and / or account information

How can I change my details?

Unfortunately, this is not yet possible via the management environment. Please contact us directly by email to make changes.

Transfer of contract

Please also contact us by e-mail when taking over contracts.

Cancel subscription

How can I cancel my API subscription?

Cancellations for the API can be made by logging into the management environment. This must be done by the administrator of the account.

The subscription can then be canceled as soon as possible under the heading Subscription.

Re-enable the API

How can I reactivate my deactivated account?

If you want to reactivate a deactivated account, you cannot do so through the management environment. To reactivate your account, please contact us directly by email.

With the International Address API you can request addresses from all available countries. This API is more extensive than the Dutch Postal Code API in terms of functionality. For example, you can complete Dutch addresses not only with a postcode and house number, but also with the full functionality of the vehicle. Useful when entering addresses for which the postcode is not known. The Dutch Post Code API only works with a post code and house number to recover a full address.

Can I only use 1 API?

You can of course use the APIs side by side. For example, addresses for your international customers can be obtained through the API for international addresses and for Dutch customers through the API for Dutch postcodes. With some plugins this is already done automatically, which means that the correct API for requesting an address is selected.

Why is the API for international addresses more expensive than the API for Dutch postcodes?

Addresses obtained through the International Address API have a higher unit price because this API offers more functionality. This tariff also applies when a Dutch postcode and house number are requested on the International Address API.

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